WATCH: Plandemic 3 Freedom to Communism

When it comes to total government control over the people you don’t have to look much further than the pandemic and the response that followed, this documentary dives into the response and how countries all tied to the “world economic forum seemed to all just move in lock step with one and other, and many are concerned that this is just the beginning when it come to the totalitarian efforts that seem to be paramount with these organizations

for example:

  1. Centralized Control: The pandemic response, including government interventions and restrictions, involves centralized control over various aspects of society. This is a characteristic associated with communist regimes, where the state holds significant power and authority over economic and social matters.
  2. Government Intervention in the Economy: During the pandemic, governments in many countries implemented economic measures to support businesses, workers, and the overall economy. Critics draw parallels between these interventions and the state-controlled economies typically associated with communist ideology.
  3. Social Engineering and Control: The pandemic response has seen the implementation of public health measures, such as mask mandates, social distancing guidelines, and restrictions on gatherings. These measures infringe upon personal freedoms and resemble aspects of social engineering and control typically associated with communist regimes.
  4. Propaganda and Information Control: The pandemic response involves information control, manipulation of narratives, and the suppression of dissenting views. These actions are reminiscent of tactics used in communist regimes to control information flow and shape public opinion.
  5. Public Health as a Priority: The prioritization of so called “public health” over individual freedoms set by founding fathers and legislation intended to stop such actions of freedom and suppression, such as implementing lockdowns or restrictions, reflects a utilitarian approach commonly associated with communist ideologies.

So, take a look at the full documentary, this in-depth analysis aims to show the possible agenda behind the pandemic, and will no doubt change your view on what has been going on these past 3 years, or it might confirm your suspicions that you have held over the last few years.






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