‘The Secret’ Cryptic poems and paintings that lead to real treasure buried by writer Byron Preiss

In the realm of literary mysteries and enigmas, few tales rival the intrigue and allure of Byron Preiss’s “The Secret”. This 1982 book, enshrining a treasure hunt in its cryptic poems and vibrant paintings, has enchanted and confounded avid adventurers and puzzle enthusiasts for over four decades.

“The Secret” is not just a book. It’s an invitation to embark on a grand adventure, a clandestine journey across the diverse tapestry of the United States. It beckons its readers to solve riddles, decipher images, and ultimately unearth twelve treasure boxes that Preiss buried in secret locations across the country. These boxes, hidden beneath the soil of the land of liberty, hold keys to intricate ceramic casques, each of which can be traded for a jewel worth around $1,000.

The enigma of “The Secret” has been enduring. Since the book’s publication, only two of these treasures have been unearthed, leaving ten still awaiting discovery. These unearthed jewels, one found in 1983 in Grant Park, Chicago, and the other in 2004 in the Cultural Gardens in Cleveland, serve as testament to the legitimacy of Preiss’s treasure hunt and continue to whet the appetites of treasure seekers.

The journey towards these treasures is neither simple nor straightforward. Preiss’s puzzles, a blend of verse and art, are designed to lead the worthy to the exact location of the buried treasures. Each painting is linked with a poem, and together they point to a specific city in the United States. The verses tease the mind with references to historical events, local landmarks, and geographical features, while the paintings offer visual clues, coded messages, and echoes of the verses’ themes. It’s a labyrinthine journey through words and images, all intended to lead the persistent and the clever to the hidden casques.

Sadly, Byron Preiss was killed in a car accident in 2005, leaving behind a legacy as enigmatic as his book. Yet, his death did not extinguish the flame of curiosity he sparked; instead, it added a poignant layer of mystique to the ongoing quest. Preiss took the secrets of the exact locations to his grave, leaving the puzzle-solvers with just the cryptic verses and images to guide them.

The search continues to this day. Treasure hunters, armed with the book, maps, and an unquenchable thirst for mystery, scour the length and breadth of the United States. They dig in the shadows of historical landmarks, probe the depths of local parks, and ponder the patterns of city streets, all in the hopes of uncovering a treasure that has lain undisturbed for decades.

“The Secret” whispers from the past, its words echoing through time, beckoning adventurers towards hidden wealth. It’s a call to the spirit of exploration and discovery, a testament to the love of mystery, and an homage to the beautiful complexity of our world. As the hunt continues, the legend of Byron Preiss’s buried treasures persists, a captivating enigma woven into the cultural tapestry of America.

So, as the sun sets and the stars peek out from the velvet night sky, one might find themselves holding a copy of “The Secret”, a flashlight illuminating the cryptic verses and tantalizing images. Listen closely, for the whispers of the past might just guide you to a buried treasure, an echo of Byron Preiss’s enigmatic legacy, waiting to be discovered beneath the American soil.






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