Here Is How The Super Rich Avoid Paying Tax. And Tax On Physical Labour, could be illegal

There are several methods that the super rich may use to avoid paying taxes, including:

  1. Offshore accounts: Some individuals may use offshore accounts, which are bank accounts or investment accounts in countries with lower tax rates, to hide their wealth and avoid paying taxes in their home country.
  2. Tax havens: Some individuals may use tax havens, which are countries or territories that have very low or zero tax rates, to shelter their wealth and avoid paying taxes.
  3. Trusts and foundations: Some individuals may use trusts or foundations, which are legal entities that can hold and manage assets on behalf of a person or group, to transfer their wealth and reduce their tax liability.
  4. Complex financial structures: Some individuals may use complex financial structures, such as limited liability companies or shell companies, to obscure their ownership of assets and reduce their tax liability.
  5. Legal loopholes: Some individuals may use legal loopholes, such as charitable donations or deductions for business expenses, to reduce their tax liability.

It is worth noting that while some of these methods may be legal, others may be illegal or unethical, and individuals who engage in tax evasion or avoidance may be subject to criminal charges or fines if not researched and conducted adequately

I’d like to highlight a film called “America Freedom to Fascism” by Aaron Russo.

  • The film “America: Freedom to Fascism” was produced and directed by Aaron Russo, an American film producer and political activist.
  • The film argues that the federal income tax in the United States is unconstitutional and that the government has no legitimate authority to impose taxes on its citizens.
  • The film asserts that the 16th Amendment, which allows for the collection of income tax, was fraudulently ratified and is not legally binding.
  • The film claims that the government uses the income tax to control and manipulate the population, and that the tax system is designed to benefit the wealthy and powerful at the expense of the poor and middle class.
  • The film discusses the history of taxation in the United States, including the creation of the Federal Reserve System and the income tax.
  • The film features interviews with a variety of experts and individuals, including tax lawyers, academics, and activists, who discuss their views on the income tax and its impact on society.
  • The film suggests that the income tax is a form of slavery and that individuals should have the right to keep their own wealth and property without interference from the government.
  • The film concludes by calling for the abolition of the income tax and for a return to a system of voluntary, market-based financing for government programs and services.

More on the 16th amendment:

The 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which was ratified in 1913, allows for the collection of a federal income tax. The amendment states: “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”

The 16th Amendment was enacted in response to a series of Supreme Court decisions that had struck down earlier income tax laws as unconstitutional. The amendment was intended to clarify the federal government’s authority to impose an income tax and to remove the requirement for apportionment, which had previously limited the government’s ability to tax incomes.

However, some individuals have claimed that the 16th Amendment was fraudulently ratified and is not legally binding. These claims often center around allegations that the amendment was not properly ratified by the states or that it was passed through fraudulent or corrupt means.

The tax system is set up to oppress the poor and reward the rich

The tax system in many countries is often criticized for being designed to benefit the wealthy and powerful at the expense of the poor and middle class. There are several reasons why this may be the case:

  1. Progressive tax rates: Many tax systems use a progressive tax rate structure, which means that individuals with higher incomes are taxed at a higher rate than those with lower incomes. While this may seem fair on the surface, it can also have the effect of disproportionately benefiting the wealthy, who are able to afford tax planning and legal strategies that help them to minimize their tax liability.
  2. Tax loopholes: Many tax systems contain loopholes and exemptions that allow certain individuals or businesses to reduce their tax liability. These loopholes may be disproportionately exploited by the wealthy, who are more likely to have the resources and expertise to take advantage of them.
  3. Corporate tax breaks: Corporations and businesses often receive tax breaks and incentives as a way to encourage economic growth and development. These tax breaks may disproportionately benefit the wealthy, who are more likely to own and operate businesses, and they may contribute to income inequality.
  4. Regressive taxes: Some taxes, such as sales taxes or property taxes, may be regressive, meaning that they disproportionately impact lower-income individuals and families. These taxes can make it more difficult for the poor and middle class to afford basic necessities and may contribute to income inequality.
  5. Government spending: The way in which government spending is allocated can also contribute to income inequality. For example, if the government invests heavily in programs and services that benefit the wealthy, such as tax breaks for businesses or infrastructure projects that benefit the wealthy, it may further entrench income inequality.

Overall, there are many factors that contribute to the perception that the tax system is designed to benefit the wealthy and powerful at the expense of the poor and middle class. While it is important to have a tax system that is fair and equitable, it is also important to ensure that the tax system does not perpetuate or exacerbate income inequality.






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    The national maternity and infantcy Act (began the birth registration system) and then Under the color of law, Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act in 1935( The birth registration system really went to work. Though began being pushed in a way to mislead people to believe they had to register their newbor. Not being fully disclosed to know it was voluntary). Even the hospital nurses and Delivery Dr’s were not disclosed of what the Birth registering system was actually intended for and doing…EVEN TODAY MOST DONT KNOW THEY ARE NOT THE NAME ON THIER BC! tHAT IS THE STRAWMANS NAME IN All Capital letters….((The “UNITED STATES” created and owned strawman)). Which brings us to the 14th amendment Which created the “UNITED STATES” citizen, by forcing that label upon all who are naturally born or naturalized in the “UNITED STATES”…The Emergency banking powers Act, Hr 192, As well as the Trading with the Enemy Act The republic and its constitution were pushed to the side and the “UNITED STATES Incorporated, Their democracy,went into full operation. The UNITED STATES inc. began DBA (doing business as) the Federal Government of the United States of America in name only. The UNITED STATES have transmuted the living man and woman born on the land having god given unalienable rights, into federal office holders, commonly known as citizens, residents, beligerent enemy combatants for claiming alliegence to another government (thier Democracy) commiting treason against the original government (the republic)…Never correcting your status THEY forced upon you at birth and agreeing to be a UNITED STATES citizen you gave up those unalienable rights and liberties you were born with, and had (under the republic). To being SUBJECTS and indentured servants controlled and owned by the UNITED STATES CORPORATION.((Not a, or your govt.)) via which ever subcidiary corporation under it’s umbrella you may be resident IN and citizen of doesnt matter, because they too are owned by the UNITED STATES inc. (not a govt.)….The office holders who are citizens are just like any other federal office holder or federal government employee! All are the only ones who has ever been liable to pay the “FEDERAL INCOME” tax!! It is the same ole story as all the others. They have defrauded the people through lie after lie, omission after omission and controlling the information! Unltimately, some responsibility rest on the shoulders of the people as well though!! Considering most will not believe any of these facts of truths,giving only the reason as being, because what they were told to believe, has been believed by their parents,of which their parents believed because they were told to believe what they were told and learned!! The Federal Income tax has never been lawful only legal. As a citizen in their Democracy, all THEIR laws are legal or illegal. They create statutes,codes, regulations, ordinances through legislation, Acts or Resolutions. The people have been made to believe these are laws! When they are actually corporate by-laws aka Corporate Policy/rules/procedures….It is through a whole lot of Assumption and presumptions,not even being told something by someone any more! Just assume something to be this or that or presume the same!!…….A UNITED STATES citizen pays federal income taxes, because, whether known or not, they are federal employees,(an office holder to be exact).. Until folks stop claiming to be the all caps name THEY own (by default, you claiming to be that name) means they own you as well! Stop claiming your a UNITED STATES citizen, stop using their DL, stop registering anything with their DMV, stop registering your newborns to keep the cycle from going on, stop voluntarily applying for the SScard and # ThEY OWN that too, it has the all caps name on it as well! All these and many other ways your unknowingly keeping your self in chains!! Lear who you are and most of all KNOW that the MOST IMPORTANT and ALMOST priceless possession you have is your AUTOGRAPH!! (not signature). Little known fact about that, The minute you put your autograph on your loan agreement, Is when that loan agreement gets its value. With in a few days (long enough for the bank to access your trust account (that you have and dont know about). That house you have a 30 year loan on was already been paid for!!) The “bank” you use (unless a small private credit union) Is almost always insured by who? Federal Reserve, which is what? A private banking corporation and member bank that makes up part of the World bank(also private) The same banks that provided the funds that are in that Trust account (you dont know you have)….The head of YOUR LOCAL BANK knows about it! They tell you they need to do a credit check to see if you qualify. (which is literally a social credit scoring system right in front your eyes for decades!)) I can tdo anything bc my credit “score” isnt “good enough”……The mind manipualtion is no one ever realizing what is the only way to raise that score!? Having as much credit as possible, aka DEBT and still being able to pay on it with out defaulting! That is why you were suppose to be disclosed about your Trust but never were! The UNITED STATES didnt want you to know so they could use it! Literally all local state and federal corporations monetize anything you are told sign your name on! Especially banks!! that account # is on the back of your BC, Younger folks it may be on the front! It is called a CUSIP # . ( Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures) Your BC is a BOND which has been bought and sold many times over, on the NYSE. Anything on the NYSE requires a Cusip # it is the system used globally! Your Cestui Due Vie Trust was created and put under the umbrella of the UNITED STATES inc’s(not a govt.) Public charitable Trust. You can find out how much it is worth using the Treasury direct website. type your cusip (or social Sec #) in the search bar for e, or ee bonds. depends on your age which one you are! When roosevelt passed the gold THEFT act. and took the only lawful form of money we had to PAY or PAY FOR anything, that trust account was created for each of us (today 380+ million Trust) to have access to pay for anything that we needed, like bills, housing, tranportation or maintanence of any of those when ever we needed something! the trust was created and 2million and some change was credited to it via U.S. bonds!………….Well you can go ahead and assume or presume how things have went believing that the UNITED STATES is your government instead of knowing it has been a corporation aka a for profit business like they told us in THEIR corporate by laws and rules and regulations! Everything they have done and continue to do, have as much authority or jusdicaiton over the people as we allow! It is that simple nothing else needs said!!

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