Elon Musk “Instead Of Blaming Me For Everything, Try Telling The Truth To The Public”

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has slammed the corporate mainstream media for trying to “redirect blame” for propaganda and censorship efforts that target Americans.

In response to the media attacking Matt Taibbi, the reporter he enlisted to analyze the Twitter suppression files and tell the public what he found, Musk commented during a live Q&A session on Twitter Spaces on Saturday night.

NOTE: Rather than congratulate Taibbi, who describes himself as a “Liberal Libertarian with no political party affiliation,” on his bombshell scoop, left-wing journalists and media hacks have been attacking and smearing him.

Musk was asked:

Are you surprised at all about the blowback against Matt Taibbi over the past 24 hours?

A number of liberal news organizations, a lot of liberal news reporters came out and really slammed Matt Taibbi, which was really shocking.

What was your response to that?

Musk said:

Well, I think those people should be looking in the mirror and wondering why they were deceptive.

Why did they deceive the American public?

And instead of trying to redirect blame to Matt Taibbi, accepting some responsibility themselves to not being truthful to the American public.

Musk continued by explaining his grand vision for “the new Twitter,” saying:

If the new Twitter is successful in that, then the result would be that people will turn to Twitter to understand what is true, what is real, what narrative matters.

This will put a lot of competitor pressure on mainstream media and other social media companies to also be more truthful because otherwise, they’ll simply keep losing people to Twitter.

Twitter will become successful and gain share from other social media and it will force other social media to stop toeing the line.

That’s where the competition can be a good thing.

The Washington Journal, the New York Times, and Washington Post, and a few others decide what the narrative is.

Even if what they say is completely truthful, the people don’t really get a choice in what topics are covered, whereas on Twitter, they do.

And it could be something really important to the world and the big news organizations don’t cover it for a reason.

What happens is when there’s a competition for what the truth is and one company steps out of line, it does allow the truth to flourish.

Musk added that Twitter was:

“[D]oing one team’s bidding before an election…the definition of election interference.”

“Frankly, Twitter was acting like an arm of the [DNC] it was absurd.”

When asked why the media was freaking out over the release, Musk said:

[T]hey are trying to turn this into a nothing-burger because they’re complicit in deceiving the American public.

Musk continued:

Why should the people believe in Twitter in the future if Twitter does not come clean about the past; That’s what it comes down to.

It’s not that people will necessarily agree with everything that Twitter has done in the past or in the future but at least they’ll know that it’s occurring and there’s no shady stuff that is happening that they’re unaware of.

You can then appropriately calibrate your interpretation of what you learn on Twitter as opposed to thinking Twitter pretending to be unbiased and even-handed.

Final thought: It appears Elon Musk is conducting business with heavy doses of ethics and morality involved.






3 responses to “Elon Musk “Instead Of Blaming Me For Everything, Try Telling The Truth To The Public””

  1. Diana avatar

    Well I guess I’m leaving fb and heading over to twitter
    We all know how manipulative fb is at blocking the truth and spreading the lies

  2. Glynis Compton avatar
    Glynis Compton

    Elon is steering the path to free speech. A vital cog in the wheel of life.

  3. Andrew Smith avatar
    Andrew Smith

    Well done Elon

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