Most people applaud Elon Musk taking on the mainstream and “getting political”

Twitter CEO Elon Musk caused a stir Sunday when he declared that his increased political involvement “must be done for the future of civilization.”

The comment came after a Twitter user named Gali wrote how he thought Musk “getting too political is a mistake.” 

“Must be done for the future of civilization, without which nothing matters,” Musk responded.

Many Twitter users praised Musk for the move and agreed the world is facing a major inflection point.

YouTuber Nuance Bro tweeted directly to the initial post, “I think you just don’t get it @Gfilche prob for the same reason you unfollowed,” he wrote. “You don’t understand what’s at stake politically. Elon is learning more and more everyday how deep the rot goes and without real political victories the country/world is doomed.”

“So Elon is exposing how Twitter has been political FOR YEARS and NOW the Libs don’t want @elonmusk to make it political…amazing. Liberal mental gymnastics is an Olympic sport,” “Fearless” host Tomi Lahren tweeted.

Tech journalist Doriano Paisano Carta wrote similarly, “It’s fine when leftists do it but once things turn in order to balance things out they panic.” 

University of New Mexico professor Nick Flor offered a grandiose assessment suggesting Musk has what it takes to turn things around, starting with Twitter.

“Future Historians will record Elon Musk’s destruction of the woke mind virus as the Literal Saving of Civilization in the Milky Way and the beginning of the Second Enlightenment Era, where Reals beats Muh Feelz,” he wrote.

Radio producer Heather Hunter appeared to suggest that while she was wary of Musk becoming political, she sees it as a necessary balance to Twitter’s previous management. 

“I actually worried about this too but it would seem previous execs at Twitter were the first ones to be political in their censorship and Elon is just cleaning up the corruption to make it a truly free speech format,” she wrote.

Former U.S. ambassador to Denmark Carla Sands tweeted her appreciation to Musk, “Thank you for working to save civilization. Without freedom of speech, we will lose modern civilization. You invested your treasure for our children.”

Investment manager Mike Shell urged Musk to “Stay the course,” and said, “They only call it political when they don’t agree, and want to cancel you.”

Author James Arthur Ray also praised him: “Keep moving forward Elon you are greatly needed and appreciated. Fully agree.”

Not all of Twitter was praising Musk’s commentary on the “future of civilization,” however.

“Yes the future of civilization requires Musk to amplify Catturd and troll Fauci,” MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan tweeted sarcastically.

The Occupy Democrats account groused, “Elon’s version of ‘civilization’ is a dystopia ruled by the whims of the super-rich in which the trans community is regularly targeted, demeaned, and attacked for the entertainment of the far-right.”






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    Jean-Claude Rothlender

    un peu de vérité ne fait de mal à personne , surtout pour démontrer les mensonges de la gente politicos !!!!

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