Twitter: Unless Your An Airplane, You Don’t Have To Announce Your Departure, Nobody Cares

So many people leaving twitter? In OUTRAGE! How could Elon do this! Aaahhhh, nope…

Actually, twitters numbers have done nothing but grow these past few weeks since Elon has taken over, so why is the narrative now that it’s in free fall?

All time high at twitter

Let’s remember, the “establishment” need to control speech and people’s use of information online, or at least access to information. And how do they do that? Do you even have to ask? You know how they do it, when they can’t control the story they cloud the story with lies and ban the truth! We’re you awake the last couple years? You have seen it online every day. And let’s face it, Elon is threatening that power! The power that they have held with a death grip so long. And it’s OBVIOUS!

it’s also very telling, that they will lie, and smear campaign anyone who tries to get in the way. And even smear campaign them into non existence. they are willing to target just about anything or anyone at this point.

And I like to think people are waking up to the narrative driven lies being spread by the same suspects. You have seen it, NBC CNN and all the other “usual suspects” online.

It’s not news it’s narrative

What’s the other lie being spread? That hate speech is at an all time high on twitter at the moment? Nope

That’s another lie

Hate speech at an all time low

So next time you see a post stating “whippi Goldberg is leaving twitter” or whoever really, just remember, they are part of the establishment, these people have been embedded into the machine a long time ago, and it isn’t even their fault, they have to choose a team and this team pays them well, because the alternative is not making money and risking them doing a Michael Jackson on you, slashing your credibility and making it taboo to even mention the name, just like trump, and so many others.

Also I wanted to highlight a tread on twitter that is very interesting if you want to know how Twitter was going about banning people, check this out:






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