Elon Musk Wasn’t the Founder Of Tesla Or PayPal, And Wasn’t The Mastermind Behind The SpaceX Rocket

So, Elon Musk did not found Tesla, nor did he invent the car, Tesla was founded and built originally by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. Right?

Elon Musk isn’t why SpaceX is successful, either.
That would be the real genius behind the rocket.
His name is Tom Mueller, And Tom Mueller designed the successful rocket.

This idea is easy to take in isn’t it? He’s not what he says he is?

Let’s look at the claim…

The claim is that Musk didn’t found Tesla or PayPal and that he claims credit for something, thereby inflating his own importance.

For Tesla in particular, there seems to exist an idea that Tesla is not the work of Elon Musk, but that he has simply taken credit for what someone else achieved. PayPal is a result of a merger between Musk’s X.com and a different company, Confinity. Whether you want to consider that founding PayPal or not is up to you, but he clearly founded one of the companies that merged to become PayPal. Tesla was technically not necessarily founded by Elon Musk (although courts have ruled that he is officially a co-founder), but by Martin Eberhard and Marc
Tarpenning. However:

  1. Musk provided initial funding for the company when it was merely a shell corporation with no employees, technology or anything else. By that logic, Musk would be the sole founder of PayPal since he filed the incorporation documents for X.com. He made it possible for Tesla to actually operate. (The two co-founders founded and sold a different company, NuvoMedia, before they started Tesla. Why did they
    get external funding from Elon Musk rather than funding Tesla with their own money?)
  1. The original founders almost bankrupted Tesla, forcing Elon Musk to take over to save the company.
  2. After saving Tesla from bankruptcy, Musk created new vision and strategy for the company, which is the foundation of the Tesla we are seeing today. Tesla today is a product of Musk’s leadeship and vision,
    not the original founders.
  3. So while Musk techically was not one of the original founders, what Tesla is today is all because of Elon Musk and the team working under him, and not the original founders.
    Keep in mind that in addition to X.com/PayPal, Musk also founded SpaceX, Neuralink, The Boring Company and OpenAl. There is no merit to the claim that Elon Musk has achieved nothing or that he didn’t found any successful companies.






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