Apollo 17 Moon landing photo labelled by NASA as “blank” shows pyramid like structure

During the last flight of Apollo 17 to the moon, an image was taken near an area called Geophone Rock which was first officially cataloged by NASA as “Blank Image” but after it came to know that it was not blank, Pyramidal structures was observed on that images. NASA never given a credible version on this photograph.

After applying noise reduction and increasing contrast in the image, the photo appears to be hiding some sort of pyramid like structures on the moon’s surface.

If you observe the image carefully, you can observe two structures, one with pyramidal shape and another one look like a bar like structure at the bottom left corner of the image.

Apollo 17 was the last mission to the moon by NASA on December 1972 carrying LRV rover to perform extravehicular activities on the moon which also contain a Hasselblad camera for taking pictures during the mission. 

This photograph was numbered as AS17-135-20680 and all the pictures of Apollo 17 mission can be found at NASA multimedia library.

Still there is no clear explanation from the scientists about these pyramid structures formed in the photograph.






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