If The Titanic Didn’t sink? what was happening in New York on April 17th, 1912? The answer may shock you

The Titanic sank on April 14, 1912. Had it not struck the iceberg, it would have arrived in New York on April 17th. But what was happening in New York on April 17th, 1912? The answer may change history as you know it.

On April 17th, a Wednesday, there was a solar eclipse, one long awaited by a new religious movement called The Order of the Golden Temple. The OGT was a group of about 120 people, located mostly in Manhattan, who believed that the sun itself was a temple of gold sacred to the god Aupolus (a neopagan interpretation of Apollo), who was killed and reborn with each solar eclipse.

The OGT was banned in England where it was
formed by leister Crowley’s aunt, Jessica Caledrice Boothe. It was banned because, during the eclipse of 1888, Boothe and her followers ran rampant through London committing murders and mutilations, scattering the innards of their victims in occult sigils, and eating their spleens. The case of Jack the Ripper was notably a few days after these events and was not counted among them, however Ripper historians often neglect to note that those murders ended literally the night before Boothe and her surviving
followers emigrated to New York.

Boothe’s murderous cult arrived at Pier 59, where the Titanic would be scheduled to arrive 24 years later. They festered in the New York underground, all the while growing and preparing for the grand ritual to be performed on April 17th, 1912. Documents found in Boothe’s home after her death suggest that the day would have been one of mass murder on an unseen scale, in which at least 2222 residents of the
big city would be sacrificed to ensure the Sun God’s return. But this was not to be.

News of the Titanic’s sinking hit New York on April 16th and it hit like a ton of bricks. The population was stricken with grief and that included Mrs. Boothe, who had two sisters on the ship, inbound for the dark ritual. She cancelled the ritual and disbanded the cult, having had her fill of death and destruction and loss. And so thousands of lives were lost, and thousands more were saved in that strange April, where the Titanic perished only to prevent the mutilation, death, and spleenal cannibalism that was to take place days later.

Here’s the strangest thing though- Jessica Boothe
died a few days after the cancellation of the ritual on April 19th, 1912. Her cause of death is unknown but she promised one thing- The Sun God would have his revenge, specifically on the 222nd eclipse after their failure. That eclipse will take place on December 14, 2023, when Boothe said, the sun would be eclipsed- And never come back. Thankfully this is all unlikely due to the scientific facts of our sun and moon; the unanimous global dismissal of Boothe as a homicidal lunatic; and the failure of her other wild predictions to come true, including England floating away from Europe, the United States being taken over by a lecherous demon, and the decimation of the world’s population by the plaque. So long as none of those unlikely
events happen, we should all be safe.






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    Well Joe Biden is President… and there is the Covid Pandemic…

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    Joe Anderson

    The Titanic did not sink due to striking an iceberg. Videos of the discovery of the Titanic show a much different story of an explosion from within the ship. The event that took place after the sinking was the Congressional vote on establishing the federal reserve banking system in the US. The wealthy people on board the Titanic were opposed to the federal reserve. As a result of their deaths there was now little opposition to the vote that was carried out on Christmas break outside of DC on a private island by only a handful of Congressman. None of this vote was legal.

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