Joe Rogan Says Having Biden In Office is “F***ing Dangerous” “He’s So far gone”

Joe Rogan said having President Joe Biden in office is “f***ing dangerous” after the president’s recent comments about defending Taiwan against China and announcing “solidarity against Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.”

During Spotify’s “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast Wednesday, the host spoke with libertarian political commentator Dave Smith about how Biden is “deteriorating.”

The two talked about how “insane” it is that Biden says “insane things” before Smith said “the White House issued a statement that their policy has not changed. Who’s the White House?” Examples they gave were Biden’s comments about Ukraine/Russia policy and one about U.S. policy toward China and Taiwan.

“That’s why having a guy like him in office is f***ing dangerous,” Rogan shared. “But that’s legitimately dangerous, man.”

Rogan recalled it is why he said he “can’t vote for Biden,” which he said he got a lot of “s***” for.

“‘Like I’d vote for [former President Donald] Trump before I’d vote for Biden,’” the host shared. “And the reason being is like you knew this. You knew he was deteriorating. Forget about his policies when he was lucid. I mean he was lucid during the Obama administration.”

“You barely heard from him,” he added. “See, regardless of what you think about his policies, like as a human, that’s in a position of extreme stress and power. That’s nuts … that’s insane. He’s so far gone.”

Rogan and his guest questioned whether the Democratic Party should run either Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris, who they said has struggled on the world stage, and wondered what the party will do about it.

The podcaster compared the vice president to the “girlfriend” of those “really good comics” who also “does comedy too, but she bombs every time.”

“Like they trot her out every now and then, they’re like ‘give her one more chance. Let her talk. Let her talk,’” Rogan shared. “And it’s always chaos.”

“It’s like now she’s so triggered burnt,” he added. “You could tell that she’s almost like shell-shocked. Yes, she’s much worse.”

Rogan said Harris “doesn’t seem inarticulate, she seems pretty smooth” in earlier campaign speeches. But now with “the world watching” that’s not the case, as the two mocked some of her word salad speeches.






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