Documentary Shows JFK Assassination Was CIA & FBI Arranged, Shows Names & Dates

JFK to 911 is already a global phenomenon, having began as a video which achieved over a billion hits, and by becoming the first documentary in human history to untangle all the establishment lies and reveal the entire truth about the Kennedy Assassination and 911.

These disclosures so frightened the powers-that-be that from the President, Donald Trump and the Queen of England took the joint decision to ban it altogether, so that if you watch this video, you will be learning the most cardinal secrets which your government would much rather you did not know.

Nearly all intelligent people these days are wary of what we are being told by the mainstream media, but fewer are aware that the very notion of ‘fake news’ began with the words on this video, and that all government policy in recent times has been an ongoing effort to hold back the increasing enlightenment these words have inspired.

Legions of people have taken the trouble to go online so that they could tell the world about how learning that absolutely everything is a rich man’s trick—the justice system, the education system, the economic system, and most importantly, the media.

YouTube doesn’t want you to watch this video, they try deflect you away, it’s been banned a few times but because it can’t be discredited they are forced to keep it up.

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Here is the opening scene to give you an idea:

Full video link on YouTube below that.

its 3.5 hours so put aside some time or watch it in sections

Full Documentary:






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