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2022-08-01 | 04:42h
2022-08-01 | 04:42h
Predictions 2030 | Get Your Predictions Printed

In these pressing times, we thought it would be a good idea to make some predictions

So us here at tesla telegraph decided we would print a book, but we are not going to write it, we will print the book and produce it but the writers will be you.

All you have to do is comment below on this article and write out a small prediction of what you think the future will hold, what will 2030 look like?

What does the future hold? What will the global situation be in 2030? What will the government be like? What will the world be like?

This is your opportunity to put in your predictions and see if you are close to the target.

Are wars going to be starting, Will the climate change theory become visible more to the point we are now living in a world of climate lockdowns and vehicle bans?


So much is uncertain. And we figured we may as well get a vast majority idea on what the world would be like, one of us must get it right?

We are looking for a maximum of 300 words, but one sentence is fine also.

This is important, we will NOT sensor you, anything you think, we will print. We are not keen on censorship, the sky is the limit, this is free and open speech. Otherwise why even do it.

The book will be printed and we will put up an article about the book and how to get your hands on it, we are hoping to cut it down to just the costing so the book itself will be cheap, we will also give away a few free by selecting some of the submissions and asking for delivery instructions.

So go ahead and make your predictions in the comment section below

Thanks for taking part.


1st August 2022



jake cheriton



One response to “Predictions 2030 | Get Your Predictions Printed”

  1. Andree Saxer

    In 2030 we will all see a peace that none of us have ever experienced. The Globalists new world order will be defeated, and the people will form citizen friendly governments in every country. These governments will cooperate, and capitalism will prosper, globally. World hunger will be a thing of the past, and we will finally see what human ingenuity can truly achieve for the betterment of the species. Or we will live in a world that will burn your book before 2030 gets here. When the globalists are finished culling the population, and herding us into urban centers, we will be tech dependent servants, under the complete control of the totalitarian globalist government. Periodic wars to keep the male population down; and Global starvation, and canibalism will be the new normal. I think I’ll focus on the first option and put my efforts towards that end.


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