Air Force Chemical Expert Blows The Whistle On Geo-Engineering “it’s Real And Happening Now”

Kristen Meghan has blown the lid off of ongoing geoengineering/chemtrail operations. Kristen witnessed canisters of fine, powdered aluminum and barium being shipped to U.S. Air Force bases and being loaded onto jets.

What does this mean?

Aluminum and barium are the metals we have found (and continue to find) in great excess in soil, rainwater, dust, and blood samples. These are the same metalsassociated with numerous patents which describe the mechanisms and processes of injecting aluminum and barium into jet engines for the purpose of spraying them into the atmosphere; a process called “geoengineering” by scientists.

This also explains why the public witnessed the sudden appearance of trails coming from jet engines which never produced them previously.

Several whistleblowers have come forward exposing ongoing atmospheric spray operations, but Kristen has provided the link between the military and the massive amounts of toxic metals we are all experiencing on the ground.


Here is a video of Kristen explaining the process she went through discovering the operation






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