NASA Cam Records Black Cube Exiting The Sun Before Site Is Shut Down

NASA shut down its official Sun observatory amid sightings of a black cube, according to a conspiracy theorist. 

Who knows what’s going out there in the great void? Space is a terrifying abyss of vast uncharted territory, the likes of which can boggle the brain if you allow it to get the better of you.

We’re all just organisms floating on a giant hunk of space rock around a star. However, that big blinding ball in the sky is a source of constant fascination – and on this occasion, speculation.

The ‘black cube’ is in the lower right. Credit: SOHO

For those who don’t want to burn their retinas staring right into the Sun, you can look up the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) at any time of the day to get detailed images.

SOHO marks international collaboration between ESA and NASA to ‘study the Sun from its deep core to the outer corona and the solar wind’, according to its website.

Scott C Waring, an extraterrestrial expert running the UFO Sightings Daily YouTube channel, has claimed that the American space agency shut down the website when a black cube emerged from the Sun.

On 2 May at around 1:06pm GMT, a rather small, cubic-shaped puff comes out of the Sun.

In his video, Waring says: “You can see the cube coming out of the Sun and right after that, a big glitch that covers 25% of that. There it is, gone! Glitch!

“Two frames of the cube coming out of the Sun and then huge glitch…one, two, glitch. Guys, this is mind-boggling… this is on the SOHO official website, you also see the cube and the timestamp matches.”

Waring also cited the Helioviewer Project, ‘an open-source project for the visualisation of solar and heliospheric data’, its website says. It’s also funded by ESA and NASA.

Similarly to the SOHO website, Helioviewer was briefly shut down for maintenance around the time of the sighting. According to Waring, NASA may be hiding mysterious objects flying through space.

While experts have treated such claims with scepticism in the past, Waring’s comment section is full of support.

One user wrote: “Great clip. I feel outraged every time they hide something like this.” Another wrote: “I wonder – is it birthing this or is this taking from the Sun? Epic catch!”

Another user speculated: “I think that these UFOs collect radiation while they move fast in space… so maybe they go to sun to burn that stuff off so they can safely land at their destination without killing people/aliens with radiation?”






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