Elon Musk Dealt A Death Blow To The “Mainstream Media” Thought Control Agenda

Elon musk is currently in a battle with the “powers” that want to control information, we can see it everywhere at the moment, most especially on social media.

Thought control on social media has been an issue for a long time now, it is a complaint that most people share. Started under the false claim that they would be removing “misinformation and disinformation” when now we know the true plan was to control a narrative and keep people in line.

You can’t question the science pharmaceutical companies want to push, you can’t support ideas that are not “official” you can’t think for yourself you ask questions or you will be removed, does this sound like democracy? No I didn’t think so, and Elon doesn’t think so either.

If you control the information made available to people you can easily lead them, people will be controlled and do as you wish, after all you can dictate what they can and can’t hear, therefore what they think.

Elon musk taking over twitter is one major step in fighting back against a plan to control what we think, it’s not going to be the “Wild West” that the mainstream is making it out to be, they need it to seem that way because of the narrative they are trying to push.

Free speech might expose mainstream medias mis-truths and misinformation, the same misinformation they claim to be stopping. People might get access to information they otherwise would not have, and they can’t have that happen.

Why do mainstream media need to make it out like twitter is going to become a “Wild West”? Well it’s obvious, they need to build distrust in the takeover and make out like all these people are “leaving twitter in protest”.

These are tactics we have seen and will see over and over, you will see claims like twitter will be full of “far right extremists” and “conspiracy theorists” they need it to seem horrible, freedom needs to seem like an extreme move. It’s their greatest tool on hand.

Saying twitter will become a “Wild West” is one of the lies, people imagine twitter will have graphic and disturbing content, when it’s known that moderators will continue to make sure graphic and sexually explicit content will be moderated.

The attacks that come in the next few months will be astounding, I personally believe that they will attack Elon musk, if that fails they will try and destroy twitter as a platform and make it unviable, financially cripple the platform, or force server providers to pull out, pay insiders to hack or cause issues. You can see it already.

But only time will tell.






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  1. Zeke avatar

    I wish Elon the best! I may even check out Twitter, never been there before!

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