Here Are 30 Rare Photographs of Nikola Tesla You Probably Never Saw

Nikola Tesla is perhaps one of the most unappreciated scientists to ever live on Earth.

Tesla was an inventor and researcher who changed society and redefined the future long before it was even envisioned by others.

Nikola Tesla was a visionary, he was a genius, and we can say that he is indeed the man who harnessed lightning.

A Photograph of Nikola Tesla when he was 23.
A photograph of Nikola Tesla sitting in his office.

Tesla is the one who came up with the idea of the Alternating current and AC motor, which we still in use today. In fact, many of the technologies we live with on a daily basis can be traced back to Tesla and his futuristic ideas and visions.

A photograph of Nikola Tesla working in his office in 1916.

In fact, more than 90 percent of his inventions are continuously being used today or are parts of other end products that have been developed in the near past.

Nikola Tesla, in 1916 pointing towards a photograph captured in Colorado Springs in 1899.

Nikola Tesla’s High-Frequency generators and transformers are still being used today.

He is the man we need to thank for the Radio and Antenna.

Nikola Tesla performing one of his many experiments in his laboratory.
Nikola Tesla photographed in 1898, demonstrating wireless energy transmission.
This image shows Tesla lighting a wireless bulb using high-frequency currents.
Nikola Tesla photographed in 1916, working on one of his inventions.

He saw a world powered by technology, powered by free energy. He wanted humankind to achieve greatness through unlimited free energy.

A photograph of Tesla at the age of 40.

Some say Tesla was the man who truly harnessed lightning.

He was a genius that somehow anticipated and envisioned many new technologies that were way ahead of their time.

A photograph of Nikola Tesla standing in his New York City Office in 1916.
A Photograph of Nikola Tesla holding his gas-filled phosphor-coated wireless light bulb. He developed it in the 1890s.
A photograph of Nikola Tesla sitting in front of his generator. The image was taken around 1899.

He was blessed with an eidetic memory and ‘otherworldly’ intelligence that made it possible for him to see things that no other man could.

An image of Nikola Tesla lighting a vacuum bulb using waves originating from a distant oscillator.

He was the mad scientist Earth desperately needed but ended up being the man whose creations were dramatically silenced.

A photograph taken in 1899 shows Nikola Tesla showing off wireless power transmission.
Photograph of Nikola Tesla in 1899 showing him experimenting with currents of High Voltage and High Frequency
A photograph of Nikola Tesla in his Colorado Springs Laboratory. The image was captured in 1899.
A rare photograph of Nikola Tesla standing outside of his Colorado Springs laboratory taken in 1899.
A rare photograph of Nikola Tesla performing experiments in his laboratory.
This photograph, captured in 1894, is the very first image taken by phosphorescent light.
The hand of Nikola Tesla captured by his artificial daylight.
A photograph of John T. Morris, Victor Beam, and Nikola Tesla.
Nikola Tesla- the man who harnessed lightning sitting in his Hotel Room.
A photograph of Nikola Tesla in 1937, accepting the order of the White Lion.
A rare photograph of Nikola Tesla during an interview.
Nikola Tesla reading a newspaper.
Photograph of Nikola Tesla during a dinner event
Photograph of Nikola Tesla and King Peter II taken in 1942.
This is believed to be the last image of Nikola Tesla photographed in 1943.






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