Humans Are Aliens, According to an Expert, and We Were Brought to Earth Hundreds of Thousands of Years Ago

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2022-04-11 | 11:55h
2022-04-11 | 11:55h
Humans Are Aliens, According to an Expert, and We Were Brought to Earth Hundreds of Thousands of Years Ago

Whether you believe in creationism or evolution, the ultimate recurring question is how humans came to be. If you delve far enough, you may even begin to doubt that people are indigenous to the earth. Further investigation may lead you to consider if humans are the offspring of an alien progenitor race.

Seeding Evidence
In January 2015, the British newspaper The Express published a photograph of an unusual tiny rock spewing living stuff. Scientists hypothesized that the biological substance might contain genetic material, which they dubbed “the prelude to life.”

According to certain scientists, it was sent to Earth by an unknown race in order to continue seeding the planet with life. Seeding is the process of planting foreign organisms in a specific location with the intention of replicating life. The rock appears to have been sculpted by a sentient race.

Are We Being Surveilled?
Professor Milton Wainwright and his team from the University of Buckingham’s Centre for Astrobiology examined and evaluated the rock’s biological composition. They hypothesized that it indicated not just the presence of extraterrestrial life, but also the presence of complex and civilized beings monitoring our planet.

Could this possibly be true? Have aliens been fertilizing the Earth since the dawn of time and are now observing our reactions? If this is the case, what is their purpose and why do they remain unknown to us?

Between Mars and Jupiter, scientists have discovered what appears to be a missing planet in the Asteroid Belt. Is the asteroid belt the result of an exploding planet from which an ancient civilization fled to earth? Could we be descended from an alien race that once inhabited another world? Could some of those aliens still be hiding or remaining undetected among us? Perhaps the founders of life on Earth prior to humans escaped extinction on their home planet and are now hiding on Earth, waiting to see if we destroy ourselves.

Is Earthly Human Life Related to Extraterrestrial Life?
Panspermia is a process by which biology spreads through space without the use of a spaceship. Living matter “hitchhikes” on the sun or inside rocks. According to some experts, Mars was formerly populated. Several cosmic boulders were “kicked” off the planet and fell on Earth in a “suitably welcoming region.” The presence of biological material from Mars in the rocks may stimulate research into the age-old issue, “Where did we come from and why are we here?” There are numerous hypotheses concerning extraterrestrials.


For instance, did aliens make their way here from an unknown world due to grave circumstances on their home planets? Are we descended from this people? Dr. Ellis Silver, an environmentalist and ecologist turned novelist, feels this is the case.

Dr. Silver outlines seventeen reasons why humans are not suitable to live on this planet in his book, Humans are not from Earth: A Scientific Evaluation of the Evidence. These, he says, are indications that humanity came from another world. While Earth fits certain of our species’ demands, he asserts that it is not as well suited to us as “whoever brought us here initially believed.”

Silver illustrates our inadequacy for life on Earth. For instance, he asserts that humans do not thrive in high amounts of sunlight, which we receive on a daily basis. He also adds that a sizable proportion of the world’s population suffers from chronic back pain, which he attributes to proof suggesting humanity originated on a planet with a lower gravity. Additionally, he observes that we are better programmed to exist on a 25-hour day rather than a 24-hour one.

Silver indicates that humanity may have originated from Alpha Centauri. The planet may have been subjected to some sort of apocalyptic disaster, from which a few residents escaped and made their way to Earth.

Are We Descended From Mars Refugees?
Scientists and academics believe that Humanoids once inhabited Mars, but a battle rendered the planet uninhabitable. This could have occurred as a result of the equivalent of two hydrogen bombs exploding 300,000 to 1 million years ago on Mars. Is it possible that some living creatures made their way to Earth prior to the destruction?

Are There Extraterrestrials Among Us?
In 1999, a source within the United States Defense Intelligence Agency told a reporter that his job was to research and monitor three extraterrestrial groups that were, and most likely still are, occupying Earth. According to the source, the alien species resides within mountains, beneath the ground, and beneath the sea in deep caverns.

The informant stated that he believes ETs wield considerable control over the planet and its population. According to him, the aliens are connected to Mars, Sirius, and Zeta Reticuli 1 and 2. The aliens who inhabit Earth bear a striking resemblance to humans. Their bodies consist of a head, two eyes, a mouth, two legs, and two arms. They conduct routine human studies and collect sperm, DNA, and other body samples.

Alien civilizations may be attempting to alter human biology in order to engineer artificial mutations. Is it possible that we are the offspring of an old alien species that is still studying, observing, and manipulating humans for unknown reasons?

Numerous deep space mysteries remain unsolved, with more questions than solutions. Immerse yourself in Deep Space: Solar System Mysteries and embark on a journey to learn about extraterrestrials and their influence and control over mankind.

According to a recent idea given by Dr. Ellis Silver, there are multiple tell-tale evidence in the human race suggesting humans did not develop ALONGSIDE other lifeforms on the planet.

The book ‘Humans are not from Earth: a scientific review of the evidence’ is essentially a summary of theories supporting and opposing man’s evolution on Earth. Dr. Ellis Silver, a renowned environmentalist and ecologist, evaluates thirteen prominent hypotheses and seventeen factors that imply HUMANS ARE NOT FROM EARTH in the book.

While humanity is supposedly the most developed species on the planet, it is surprisingly unsuited and ill-equipped for the Earth’s environment: it is harmed by sunlight, has a strong dislike for naturally occurring foods, has ridiculously high rates of chronic disease, and more, according to an interview with Dr. Ellis.

According to Dr. Ellis, humans may suffer from back pain as a result of our species’ original evolution on a planet with a lower gravity. Adding to the mystery, Dr. Ellis notes that newborns’ enormous heads make it difficult for mothers to deliver, which can result in both mother and child dying.

So how did we get here? According to Dr. Ellis, Neanderthals were most likely crossbred with another species in the distant past, possibly from the star system Alpha Centauri – one of the nearest solar systems to Earth.

According to Dr. Ellis, millions of people on the planet ‘feel’ as if they do not belong.

“This suggests (at least to me) that mankind formed on another planet and was transported here as a highly developed species,” Dr. Ellis continues. One reason for this… is that the Earth may be a jail planet, as we appear to be a naturally aggressive species here until we learn to behave.”

Dr. Ellis concludes that mankind did not emerge from that strain of life, but rather evolved elsewhere and was transferred to Earth between 60,000 and 200,000 years ago (as fully grown Homo sapiens).

Additionally, as stated by Robert Sepher, contemporary DNA sequencing has established that humanity as we know it is not a single ‘race’ descended from the same parent in Africa, but a hybrid species with a far more intriguing origin.

Numerous concerns have been expressed during the debate about Rh negative blood. If mankind evolved from a common ancient African ancestor, theories suggest that everyone’s blood would be compatible, however this is not the case. This raises a slew of problems that science has yet to properly address.

How did Rh-negative blood become prevalent? And why would a Rh-negative mother who is pregnant with Rh-positive children attempt to reject her own offspring? Is it possible that a fairly contentious theory may account for this? A theory asserting that humanity is not a single race, but a hybrid species.

Robert Sepehr’s book, Species with Amnesia: Our Forbidden History, provides additional information about the strange blood type Rh-negative. Not only does Species with Amnesia imply that humanity is a hybrid species, but the author also implies that highly advanced civilizations existed on Earth prior to us, only to be destroyed by some major global catastrophe, as history inexplicably teaches us.

Sepehr says that for every race that has perished, another has arisen, with a select few retaining the memories and holy knowledge of the previous race. In our vanity, we believe we have uncovered some of science and technology’s great truths, but we are actually only beginning to rediscover the tremendous wisdom of previous civilizations. In many ways, we are like to an awakened Species suffering from Amnesia, desiring to retrieve our lost past.


11th April 2022



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