KEANU REEVES: “The Earth is actually a Prison Planet from which we can NEVER escape”

This larger-than-life personality, Keanu Reeves, is depressed and sometimes frightened by the world we live in these days.

agree with him that the World is like a cage with no way out from which we will never be able to escape.

This is why we must defend this world, which is our only home and will continue to be our only home for thousands of years.

His most recent reflections are as follows: “I don’t want to live in a world where a man dresses his wife in a vulgar manner merely to show off his money.

We live in a world where the sense of honor and integrity has been forgotten, where people have come to rely on commitments that have never materialized.

We live in a culture where losers feel they are good because they drive their father’s car, and fathers never teach their children how to earn a living.

People who pretend to believe in God are never sure what God expects of them. Religion is a jumbled mess that perplexes people.

Nowadays, modesty is seen as a weakness rather than a virtue. True love has long ago passed us by; today, love is all about wealth and possessions.

Mortgages and loans have destroyed people’s lives, and they have spent their whole lives in danger of losing their homes or small fortunes.

Are we a bunch of crazed savages? Yeah, we are, particularly when one quarter of the population controls 90% of the world’s capital.

Is it true that we are nuts and insensible? Yeah, we do when we waste more money on weapons and worthless products than on medical science or on training everyone and teaching them to do something useful in their lives.

Is this a drug war? The CIA, after all, is the world’s greatest drug trafficker. The intelligence services know what there is to know about drug cartels in Mexico and Columbia, but the CIA is the master of the lords, which is why the war on drugs is failing

“.. Many of us were led to believe that we might leave Earth and fly to Mars as a result of the media frenzy around Space X, but, c’mon guys, this is just a fantasy and media frenzy around an exotic topic, nothing more.

Wake up, humanity; we must confront the challenges that plague our world and culture and find solutions in the way that we claim to be responsible citizens. In terms of pollution and climate change, I like to use the example that humanity is now like a drunken man who sets fire to his home, trapping himself and his family inside.






2 responses to “KEANU REEVES: “The Earth is actually a Prison Planet from which we can NEVER escape””

  1. Jeff Markus avatar
    Jeff Markus

    and HERE we HAVE it – the NEW ERIN BROCKOVICH movie

    everyone needs to watch CONSUMED on Tubi TV or Prime
    welcome to Pfizer/Bayer/Monsanto Glyphosate AMPA POEA PFAS
    CONSUMED is happening today COVID

    Earth is a planet WE MUST ESCAPE if humans want to survive. I’m not so sure it can be turned around even if there were a PURGE 2022 event of the 1/4 you speak of and humanity regroups for the sake of humanity, animals, plants, oceans

    We spend BILLIONS to what? Try to go to another place we will never return from? (if they can get through the FIRMAMENT)
    while NO ONE on this planet has CLEAN WATER FOOD AIR food packaging

    What a joke..

  2. Rodney avatar

    We were never meant to leave the earth until we have learned our lesions. Once that happens you are free to leave but only by sprit your physical body stays and turns back into the earth.

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