The Astonishing Day Aliens Contacted Nikola Tesla

In 1899 Nikola Tesla was testing a transmitter that he built to track thunderstorms 600 miles away when suddenly he believed that he received a transmission of sorts from an unknown source. Tesla heard three beats in sequence and it didn’t make any sense, and the more he reflected on them the more he became convinced that these signals must have originated somewhere in space. He thought it was possibly an extraterrestrial signal originating somewhere within our solar system. Tesla’s transmitter was ultra sensitive enough to receive radio waves from way beyond Earth. Keep in mind that Tesla firmly believed it was absurd to think we’re the only intelligent beings in the universe.  He was also believed that intelligent beings would naturally want to communicate with other “civilized” beings? When interviewed by Collier’s Weekly Tesla gave this account and went on record as believing in extraterrestrials in February of 1901. Here in his own words are how he described it

As I was improving my machines for the production of intense electrical actions, I was also perfecting the means for observing feeble efforts. One of the most interesting results and also one of great practical importance, was the development of certain contrivances for indicating at a distance of many hundred miles an approaching storm, its direction, speed and distance traveled.

“It was in carrying on this work that for the first time I discovered those mysterious effects which have elicited such unusual interest. I had perfected the apparatus referred to so far that from my laboratory in the Colorado mountains I could feel the pulse of the lobe, as it were, noting every electrical change that occurred within a radius of eleven hundred miles.

“I can never forget the first sensations I experienced when it dawned upon me that I had observed something possibly of incalculable consequences to mankind. I felt as though I were present at the birth of a new knowledge or the revelation of a great truth. My first observations positively terrified me as there was present in them something mysterious, not to say supernatural, and I was alone in my laboratory at night; but at that time the idea of these disturbances being intelligently controlled signals did not yet present itself to me.“

“The changes I noted were taking place periodically and with such a clear suggestion of number and order that they were not traceable to any cause known to me. I was familiar, of course, with such electrical disturbances as are produced by the sun, Aurora Borealis, and earth currents, and I was as sure as I could be of any fact that these variations were due to none of these causes.“

“The nature of my experiments precluded the possibility of the changes being produced by atmospheric disturbances, as has been rashly asserted by some. It was sometime afterward when the thought flashed upon my mind that the disturbances I had observed might be due to an intelligent control.”

“Although I could not at the time decipher their meaning, it was impossible for me to think of them as having been entirely accidental. The feeling is constantly growing on me that I had been the first to hear the greeting of one planet to another. A purpose was behind these electrical signals.”

The bottom line as was that although Nikola Tesla couldn’t decipher the meaning of the messages he received, he remained convinced that aliens were interested in Earth and – being more advanced – undoubtedly had a presence on our planet. He was absolutely adamant that somewhere in the universe there were intelligent extraterrestrial life forms. Did Tesla have direct contact with ET’s?  He believed that he had and many speculate that the information he received made possible that through these communications gave him the knowledge to develop some of the mayor inventions like wireless energy transmission or rotating magnetic field that fantastically ahead of his time.

It is not a secret that there are numerous inventions of Tesla that have been attributed to other “inventors”, among these inventions are the radio and the first machine capable of searching for extraterrestrial life. The FBI seized documents including numerous inventions that were way ahead of Teslas time, possible secret technology, including a version of its famous wireless transmitter that could send radio waves focused to distant points of the solar system. While Tesla’s genius is indisputable, some people question whether his mind became delusional at some option.






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