Will Robots Take Over the World? Chinese Firm’s Squadron of Four-Legged Robots Moving in Unison [WATCH]

Chinese robotics firm Unitree recently shared a video on Twitter that made many people believe that a robot takeover might soon be happening.

The Star Wars-themed video showed the Chinese robotics firm’s squadron of four-legged robots moving in unison. The robots are named Aliengo and were operated by artificial intelligence (AI) designed with “depth perception, high explosive sports performance, and an advanced protection level,” according to MailOnline.

The robots in unison spring up to a squatting position then leaned forward and returned to their original position. Although it seemed to have been a promotional video, it received a lot of funny and terrifying responses on Twitter with some likening it to a scene from the movies ‘The Terminator’ and ‘Black Mirror.’

Aliengo vs Boston Dynamics Robots

Unitree debuted its four-legged robots last year during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Aliengo weighs around 26 pounds and has a battery life that could last for up to two hours, unlike Boston Dynamics’ four-legged robot that can only last for one and a half hours.

Aliengo is now being compared to Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot, which also has four legs and is now being deployed in police operations in various cities in the country, such as New York City.

Both robots can walk on their four legs but Aliengo can walk up to ten feet per second or seven miles per hour. Also, previous videos showed that Aliengo can perform all kinds of jumps and flips, much like Spot, which is made possible by their flexible joints and strong motor. Its foot has sensors that will tell the motor to make movements more efficient.

But with Aliengo’s smart camera and ability to carry up to 11 pounds of payload, this four-legged robot can also become a delivery robot. Its camera can record real-time video transmission to provide more potential private and public uses, Business Insider reported.

Although Spot and Aliengo have many similarities and look the same, seeing dozens of Aliengo moving in unison as if they were commanded sparked fear among people.

Will Robot Take Over the World?

For many people who saw the video, it is terrifying to look at dozens of four-legged robots moving in unison as if they are in the military being commanded.

One Twitter user said that they fear that China will militarize Aliengo to invade the US. While another one said that the robots look like a scene from the Black Mirror episode ‘Metalhead’ that was released in 2017, which showed humans running away from robots that are harming people.

As for now, Aliengo does not pose any harm to humans but instead could help in various tasks. But people believe that China is not that far behind the US in terms of AI technology. It echoes the same sentiment from the US Department of Defense, LT. Gen. Michael Groen, MSN reported.

He said that the East Asian country is ramping its efforts in its ‘Made in China’ 2025 effort to make their country dominant in global high-tech manufacturing to dominate the AI technology by 2030.

“I hope that we’re thinking fast enough, and I think I hope that we’re thinking broadly enough about the transformational changes that are occurring not just in the information environment, but in all of our commercial activities, but also in defense, and the way warfighting is conducted, and the way the Department needs to prepare for that,” Groen said.






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