Inventor Builds Plane Made Entirely From Hemp, runs on hemp oil

10x stronger than steel

2022-03-30 | 18:03h
2022-03-30 | 18:03h
Inventor Builds Plane Made Entirely From Hemp, runs on hemp oil & 10x stronger than steel

What if we told you that cannabis could actually have you flying high? And I mean legitimately flying, not just your regular mowing the grass trips.

Well, a Canadian company has done just that, by creating a plane which is entirely made and powered by cannabis.

Cannabis company Hempearth has created the hemp-fuelled flight, which is made out of composite hemp fibres and said to 10 times stronger than steel.

The plane has a wing span of 36 feet and can fit one pilot and four passengers, thanks to its light-weight build.

But, it doesn’t stop there, in fact, far from it, because all of the interior walls, seats and pillows are all also made out of hemp too.

Hempearth’s CEO Derek Kesek believes that the hemp composite material which is being used to build the plane ‘could replace all fibreglass in aviation and many other industries.’

However, what is arguably the best thing about the aircraft, is the fact that it runs entirely from hemp oil, meaning it’s completely sustainable. Hemp is a completely environmentally friendly material, thanks to the fact it doesn’t require much water to grow and is nutritious to the soil it grows in.

Not only that, the hemp shell of the plane is a lot lighter in weight, and therefore requires a lot fuel to run, while also allowing for more weight to be carried on board, without it affecting the flight.


‘In addition to being one of the world’s healthiest, and most versatile plants on earth, hemp is pound for pound 10 times stronger than steel,’ Hempearth explains on its website.

This means that it can withstand a lot more weight before and breaks, and it can bend way further than metal. Great for Aviation.’

In comparison to the materials you would usually expect to see planes made out of, such as steel, hemp has next to no environmental impact.

Most importantly, hemp is an environmentally friendly material,’ the website continued.

Hemp requires way less water and land to grow than cotton and even puts nutrients back into the soil through a process called phytoremeditation.’

Considering that flight travel is one of the major contributors to carbon emissions speeding up the process of global warming, it’s a no brainer to make the actual building and running of the aircrafts more environmentally friendly.

It’s a win-win.


31st March 2022



jake cheriton



One response to “Inventor Builds Plane Made Entirely From Hemp, runs on hemp oil & 10x stronger than steel”

  1. Dan

    Makes sense, unfortunately that’s why it won’t happen. The people that have the real power in this country will make sure it never happens. Example, the guy who made a car to run on water, then ends up dead!!


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