I can prove the bible is a LIE used to control people, teaching you to follow, not question, or think critically.

Here are some points to keep in mind

  • If you burn all religious books, burn all knowledge of religion away. Clear all knowledge of religion from humans so that no knowledge of these religions exists, and then do the same with science. So think about it like humanity starts life new, what will come back the same? Science is based on facts observed, religion is not, and will return (like it has) in many different story’s and many different varieties and gods and clothing you have to wear, rules you have to live by. That’s just fact.
  • humans are made up of good and bad, we are capable of both, and that’s what makes life what it is in all its balance and duality. You can only know what good is, if you know what bad is. So in knowing that and accepting we all “sin” -even religion knows this happens, example would be the Christian confession, you confess your sins it’s a part of life you will do bad things. We all know this. But religion will also tell you there is a haven where only good things will happen only good people there? For eternity… it would have to be like earth because people are capable of both and will change over time.
  • That brings me to this point, being trapped in a haven.. wouldn’t it get old? Eternity is a long time and there is only so much you can do before you get sick of it. Once you have done everything possible 1000+ times when do you go insane? Say you spend 10 million years there?
  • Mental illness, do you go to haven mentally I’ll or not? What about if you identify as a lady not a man whom do you go as? Is an abortion counted? If not when? Is it as it exits or beforehand?

These are just questions I have that religion can’t answer, and there is a reason why religion cannot answer these questions, it is because religion teaches you to follow and not question.

It enslaves the mind

The mind after religion becomes closed but it is constantly told it’s on the right path.

A long time ago Christian belief was exclusively spoken and written in Latin, all of the people asked to believe this religion didn’t speak Latin. The leaders could maintain control over the word and they fought dearly to hold onto this. They were linked to the kings and queens and ruling class and made it a law that if you translated this from Latin to English you would be punished with death.

These are the things we have to keep in mind when we think about religion. We have to remember it’s past.


  • Burning young woman as witches.
  • stoning people to death for theft
  • killing a goat to cleanse your sins (scapegoat)
  • Genital mutilation
  • Ritual sacrifice
  • Murder
  • Delusions
  • Mystical stories of impossible occurrences

The reason these things are presented but not explained is easy. It’s teaching the mind to accept things in the name of your religion but not question them. Effectively rendering you a sheep. Plenty of images of Jesus and his sheep.

It’s common in Christian belief to say the phrase “only god knows” or “I don’t assume to know gods truth” or something along those lines.

This effectively gives power to the religion to lie and make things up without being held accountable, teaching the followers again to disregard questions they should be asking but are told not to but not why not to.






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