OPINION: New Zealand Continues to make Pandemic rules that don’t reflect reality and it’s getting worse

New Zealand has been one of the countries that have disregarded the facts when it comes to vaccine rules and regulations.

Dr Ashley Bloomfield

One such program although isn’t mandated is scanning in to shops, though they admit they are not tracking and tracing for health. But tell people to still do it? why?

Prime minister jacinda Ardern who is commonly known in New Zealand for giving 55 million dollars to the mainstream media outlets has been pushing a health requirement set that echos in mainstream media as if she was writing the stories herself.

Mainstream media seemed to take a turn today when announcing vaccine passes for movement were being scrapped:

On the matter of vaccine mandates Newshub Nation said “they understand they’ll be narrowed – likely to be dropped for many professions – but kept for health workers and aged care.

They also said: “The public would expect that the doctor looking after them isn’t going to give them COVID19” One problem with this is that you can still contract the virus from a “fully vaccinated” individual, so telling the public this is unfair and untrue and could give a more easily influenced person the wrong idea.

But New Zealand news outlets seem to not worry about that at all, and continue to spread this information






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