Official Pfizer documents prove Covid vaccine has 1,291 side effects, here is the list, did you have these?

1,291 adverse events, some would say that’s not that many? Seems the mainstreams stance, well if you want to know exactly what these events were, to start off with here they are to give you an idea of the impact we are dealing with.

I like to imagine an advertisement on television 📺 you have seen them? The ones advertising medications, and when they name all the possible side effects (because they have to) imagine having this read out to you after an advert for the vaccine?

-The advert would have to be an hour long just to name the side effects.

-And side effects should never be feature length people! It’s time to see it for what it is.

Anyway here are the official Pfizer FDA results from a FOYA request in the United States 🇺🇸






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