Pfizer CEO says fourth COVID-19 shot ‘necessary’ due to waning immunity

A fourth shot! Yup, that’s right Pfizer CEO promises that the fourth one is necessary…

New York post said the following:

“Most people will need to get a fourth COVID-19 vaccine dose to be protected from the virus, the head of Pfizer said on Sunday.

“It is necessary for most” people, CEO Albert Bourla said during an interview on CBS’s “Face The Nation” when asked if Americans can expect to get annual COVID booster shots every fall.

The regimen of two initial doses plus a booster is not able to protect against variants and wanes too quickly in strength, Bourla conceded — making additional shots inevitable.”

-wow, so there it is, get a fourth shot? Most people combatted this message saying it’s starting to get ridiculous and I’m inclined to agree!

Omicron is basically a vaccine at this point, it’s mostly safe to the greatest majority and gives you natural immunity and let’s face it, natural immunity is what you are after!

Obviously if you feel safer taking the vaccine by all means go ahead, if you feel you are somehow compromised and might have a bad reaction to omicron I understand your need there.

But if we keep taking these boosters and covid keeps circulating with various variants each year, could we end up trapped in a cycle of dependency, where every three months we are jabbing our arm so we can work and go live life?

Seems to be what the “elite” want currently..






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  1. rolando avatar

    puro negocio,se han hecho multimillonarios algunos sinverguenzas en este mundo.

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