Lottery Providers denying winner funds because of “Vaccine Status”

The unbelievable has become a reality for some lucky yet somehow unlucky winner.

Imagine buying a ticket, going through the amazing surprise of a life changing amount of money, only to find you can’t claim the money because of your vaccine status!

Well this has happened to a person in America, they have purchased a ticket at “the local” and won a major prize draw. A dream come true in typical circumstances.

But this is far from your typical scenario…

The winner said “i was so surprised I had won, as anyone would be. After I checked, I checked again and again and again, this was life changing for me and my whole family, with a brother in hospital and the recent loss of my mother in law, it was, or at least seemed at the time a blessing, that has now become yet another curse”-

-“after winning I followed the process and called the number I was given, I was then to attempt to attend the offices to finalise some of the details, have the ticket checked and sign paperwork. one problem… they would not let me in” -stated the winner

The winner waited outside the offices for an entire day pleading with the admin of the office to come up with a resolution to this issue, until the police took them away..

Now, no matter your views on vaccine status, this is an incredible story, were the people in the right when implementing this policy that they have of vaccinated only to enter?

Some would say yes..

“To enter, you need to be vaccinated, this is policy for anyone entering this office, to claim the prize, you need to enter, I can’t bend the policy for anyone” the prize organisation claimed.

Because this is still in active legal dispute, I cannot state the names of the party’s involved, and as of yet this prize has not been issued to the winner.

Is this just the case of a health policy gone mad? Or a business that found an opportunity to not pay out?

You be the judge..






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