Who is the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’? The ace pilot seen in multiple viral videos defending Ukrainians

As Ukraine attempts to repulse Russian tanks and jets from taking over their cities, a Ukrainian pilot seems to have gained a cult status among people.

Speculations are rife about this “Ghost of Kyiv” on Ukrainian social media after claims that the pilot flying the MiG-29 allegedly shot down six Russian jets.

Clips of the so-called “Ghost of Kiev” have spread like wildfire on social media. Many on Twitter are calling the Ukrainian pilot the “first European ace since World War II.”

One particular post has claimed that the pilot shot down a variety of Russian planes. Unconfirmed reports claim he has taken down two SU-35s, one SU-27, one MiG-29, and two SU-25s.

In aerial warfare parlance, an “ace” is a pilot who has shot down five or more aircraft during combat.

However, could not independently verify the authenticity of these clips.

At the time of reporting, no Ukrainian authority has confirmed that the Ghost of Kyiv is real.

However, this did not prevent former politicians and diplomats from celebrating the victory.

Former president Petro Poroshenko also posted a photo to claim that the pilot was the “Ghost of Kyiv”.

In the tweet, Poroshenko said, “None other than the Ghost of Kyiv.” He causes terror among enemies and pride among Ukrainians. He has six victories over Russian pilots! With such powerful defenders, Ukraine will definitely win! “

Similarly, the Ukrainian ambassador to the European Union, Mykola Tochytskyi, wrote in a tweet: “One Ukrainian MiG-29 jet fighter pilot scored six victories in a single day in air battles with the Russians.” He has been nicknamed the “Ghost of Kiev.” Another example of the willingness of the Ukrainian people to resist The civilised world must help protect our freedom! “






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