OPINION: Vaccinated, but cases are record breaking? most people thought it would be over after being jabbed..

So here we are 90% vaccinated in in the height of a pandemic, were you in the majority who thought that it would all be over by now?

We were all told that the end is near, just get the vaccination the end is near. But you can see now that that wasn’t true… and given the benefit of the doubt no one knew for sure at the time. But when we were told, it was presented like gospel

Medical professionals, politicians, and news personalities, they all gave the same narrative and they were all wrong. “just get vaccinated” wasn’t the end of the pandemic, looking back now this was just the beginning..

So what’s next?

Well it looks like omicron has been natures answer as far as immunity is concerned. It’s Milder than other variants and seems to be spreading regardless of vaccination

So what can we say buckle up and get ready for it because omicron is coming your way and chances are you will catch it






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