Is This The Start Of WWIII?

As is known well by now, Russia has attacked Ukraine, and many are speculating that it could be the spark that ignites WWIII

While still too early to confirm, experts have conflicting reports on what we could be facing in the coming years/months.

Brett Bruen says “Nonetheless, there clearly is a worldwide war being waged on a range of fronts between democracies and authoritarian regimes. While they may not be fighting on the battlefield, they certainly are squaring off online and through regional conflicts in places like Ukraine and Afghanistan,” says Bruen, a former White House global engagement director.

Could this be the war between authoritarian regimes and democratic governments?

Aiken, a former Royal Navy commander, said: “Even in hybrid conflicts there is a chance of unintended consequences. In both 1938 and in 1914, nobody thought it was going to lead to a global conflict.”

One thing on peoples minds, nuclear war. Check out this chart of the number nuclear capabilities in the world today:

We have all been waiting to see what happens next, it seems at least for the meantime Ukrainian forces are holding the capital, and nobody can argue that president zelensky has done a great job

Zelensky, after being offered refuge away from danger, decided to stay, and trade his suit for a army uniform and stand with his people. This is an act of bravery and allegiance to his people we rarely see in our world today.

Can you image presidents anywhere else doing the same? Imagine president Biden on the front line… he can barely handle a 10 minute speech let alone an invasion from an enemy.

Either way, what is it we will be facing in the coming months, one wrong move could set this war on course to change the world as we know it forever.

And all this in the midst of a pandemic and civil unrest in most countries as people protest for their freedoms.

We know China and Russia have good relations. Will we see a bond over war? And could the democratic alliances defeat a Russian/Chinese combination.

One thing is for certain. Strange times are ahead.






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