VIDEO: New Zealand “Anti Mandate” Freedom protest goes into third week

The protest in Wellington New Zealand is in its third week as protesters continue to occupy the grounds around parliament.

And the people have a message, end the mandate by March 1st 2022

Member of parliament Winston peters destroys the mainstream narrative with the below interview:

Winston peters on “The AM show” Credit: (Newshub

The protesters have had the mainstream media say they are “flinging pooh” and other things at police but there seems to be no evidence this is occurring at all?

Protesters hit back with signs and social media posts trying to expose the condemnation:

The truth of the matter remains a mystery.

Parliamentary member Hon Rodney Hide also issued the following statement:

OPINION: “Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has told protesters at Parliament that they’ve “made their point”, and it’s now “time to go home”.

The Prime Minister is clearly rattled. She doesn’t understand that it is not for her to decide when the protesters go home (other than by her repealing the mandate orders).

She also fails to appreciate that the protesters aren’t outside her window to make a point: they are there to end the mandates.

In that one distinction we see the difference between the protesters and the Prime Minister. Everything the Prime Minister does is to make a point — and only to make a point. She promises to build 100,000 houses or to plant a billion trees or to end child poverty. The promise serves only to make a point: that she cares. That’s it. It is never her intention actually to build the houses or to plant the trees or to feed the kids.

She clearly doesn’t know how to. She doesn’t know how to swing a hammer or to wield the massive machinery of government to make houses. If she did know, she would have done so.

But for her it doesn’t matter. She shows she cares by making her promise. She makes her point. And that for her is enough.

It’s the same with modern day protests. They make their point. And then go home.

The protesters that I know outside Parliament aren’t like that. They have gone to Wellington to end the mandates. They have a purpose. They have a job to do. And they will stay until it’s done.

That’s how they live. That’s how they work. They live with purpose. And they do things. They build houses, plant trees, and feed people. They are very good at what they do. They have to be. They get paid for what they do, not for making a point. They don’t survive with the hot air and endless meetings.

Their world and the Prime Minister’s world normally don’t collide. But the Prime Minister has used her world to turn their world upside down, and inside out, by a bewildering and constantly changing array of covid rules which don’t make sense and which serve no purpose. The protesters I know have had enough. They are fed up. And so they have gone to Wellington to end the mandates.

They haven’t sat at home to organise an online petition or write a Facebook post: they have gone to Parliament’s front lawn, pitched tents and built a town. They are capable. They are committed. The Speaker turns the sprinklers on, they dig drainage trenches and spread straw. The next day more volunteers arrive with generators and dryers to dry their clothes.

They are practical people. They can feed and house an army in a hostile environment.

That’s what’s rattled the Prime Minister. These people are capable. They are capable in a way that she cannot imagine. Speaker Mallard thought it a great joke turning on the sprinklers. That would send them home. Nope. They can handle that. That’s nothing.

They have proved themselves more determined, more capable and more organised than our Parliament and our Government.”

-Hon Rodney Hide






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