Can we trust science that can’t be questioned?

If you have been following the narrative that is being pushed so furiously lately, but also looking into information independently, you might be as confused by this situation as many others are and rightly so, ITS A MESS!

We are getting a consistent narrative from the mainstream media but as we look into the facts they don’t seem to match up a heck of a lot with what they are saying, and the only justification is that we should “trust the science” and that statement if you are a scientist is RIDICULOUS!

You might have seen people like Dr Robert Malone, dr Pierre Cory, dr Peter McCullough and dr Jay Bhattacharya spreading what is being called “misinformation” but is the true crime actually just questions that they have been asking and that should be asked? after all they are more than qualified to have a say on the matter?

I would like to present a scenario for your reflection, if we do decide to not allow any questions and silence people who dare speak out, could we be looking at a dangerous future?

What would that future look like? A future where we are not allowed to question the government enforcement on health or any other issue, the controlling of information and rules that require you to hand over your freedoms for the illusion of safety.

We have seen this movie play out surely? Can’t we see that this is a dark road that is taking us straight to enslavement?

Even the world economic forum built with members and of the most powerful world structures says “you will own nothing and be happy” are you okay with this future? Because this is the future they have in store for you?

It seems like we are heading for some kind of communist dictatorship and not what we are being told is an “end to the pandemic”

We get bombarded with this narrative of “the end of the pandemic is around the corner” but the goal post seems to be moved constantly, and most seem to accept this without question, is this cognitive dissonance or just ignorance? Maybe a mixture of both?

Most people are sensible, and when faced with the correct information they will change their view…. WRONG! -I wish that statement was correct, but it isn’t, most people when faced with anything that jeopardises their world view will defend it to the death, even if they know it isn’t true or they have no facts to back their viewpoint.

But I won’t rattle on about peoples problems with tackling their EGO

In conclusion I’d like to state that a world we would more easily live would be one of open discussion and exploration of facts not exclusion, we need to have these issues in the main stage because that’s the only way we can tackle these problems that we seem to have, we can’t self sensor ourselves because that’s playing into the echo chamber of bullshit, and that’s not what we want to do is it?






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